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How long does a Cocoloco in Bali Cocktail Party go for?

The standard time is from 12 pm-3 pm or 5 pm-8 pm (3-hour duration). An extra hour can be booked for an extra 50k per person. Our Cocktail Making Workshop Partiers are a duration of 4 hours in total.

What do you guys provide?

+ Fully trained professional bar staff for 3 hours (12 pm - 3 pm OR 5 PM - 8 PM are our standard party times), unless you would like to book an extra hour to make your party a 4-hour long duration.

+ All the mixers which may include pineapple juice, cranberry juice, guava juice, tomato juice, orange juice, apple juice, lemonade, soda, tonic, ginger-ale, coconut water, coconut cream, lychee juice

+ All the juices and fruits which may include pineapple, mango, lime, lemon, dragon fruit, orange, apple, strawberry, lemongrass, mint, ginger, chilli, basil, passionfruit, cucumber + lychee.

+ A fresh and boozy #gonuts Cocoloco coconut for each guest.

+ Cups (if required). We would much prefer to use your villas glassware as drinks taste much better and it’s better for the environment

+ A custom Bamboo Cocoloco #gonuts straw you can take home as a keepsake from your experience

+ Safe Ice (which is made from sterilised water)


Can we change the start and finish times?

I’m afraid the times are set as we have other parties already scheduled around these times. The only way to can change the time is by booking an extra hour of service being booked

Can our party run after 10pm?

No, local Banjars (like councils) have strict regulations stating no excess noise is to come from villas after this time. This is the perfect time for you to head out to one of the local bars or beach clubs to continue the party

What areas do you service?

We currently service the following areas of Bali.

+ Seminyak

+ Kerobokan
+ Umalas

+ Canggu (Berawa and Batu Bolong only)

+ Legian

+ Kuta

Others may be arranged by negotiation for a fee pending our availability.

We're staying in a hotel, not a villa, can you still offer us the service?

Unfortunately, this is only a service we can offer at private villas and not hotels due to space restrictions and the fact that most hotels have their own bars they want you to drink at.


Do I need permission from my villa to host a Cocktail party?

Yes, Please make sure that you seek permission for your accommodation before confirming our service! The villas we have hosted so far have been very supportive of the service as not only is it a super fun experience to enhance their guests' Bali adventure, but the service is managed by a professional, responsible, and trained team. The team will make sure their working area is spick and span before leaving the villa creating no additional pressure on villa staff. It's important you seek this permission first, so there are no unexpected issues at the party.

What are the requirements of my villa?

As long as we have a kitchen with bench space to work from and a kitchen sink, then we're good to go!


Can you send us a list of the cocktails you will make us in advance?

I’m afraid we can’t do this. Due to the sheer number of parties we host we're unable to offer lists in advance. We're certainly happy for you to suggest flavours that you love or don’t love and we will do our best to accommodate. We haven’t had a disappointed guest yet!

We’ve got some kids attending, can they be involved?
Absolutely! We offer a reduced rate of 100kIDR per guest who would like to participate and are 15 years or under in age. Any guest who is 16 years or above is considered a standard guest. This rate will include a custom Cocoloco Coconut and a selection of mocktails for them to enjoy

How many cocktails will you make us at our party?

This really depends on your drinking speed, but an average party will have a variety of approximately 6 different cocktail variants per person for a 3-hour party and 8 different variants for a 4-hour party.

There are guests that don’t drink alcohol, can you offer mocktails?
YES! As you provide the alcohol for the cocktails, we can absolutely create some specially customised mocktails for your guests that do not drink alcohol. Please just let us know how many people this will include prior at your time of booking, so we can also plan their special drinks in advance.

Can you provide the alcohol for us?

No, unfortunately, we do not provide alcohol. The reason being is that we highly encourage you to purchase duty-free spirits in your own country before arriving in Bali. Why is this? Duty-Free spirits have been manufactured internationally and under strict regulations. The government tax that is placed on spirits into Indonesia is very high. This makes it near impossible to buy internationally produced spirits in Bali. The drinks served in bars and especially during happy hour in local bars and beach clubs ARE LOCALLY PRODUCED SPIRITS. These are produced in Indonesia and in many cases are not regulated or even produced in safe factories. Because of this, we see so many cases of methanol poising in Bali from people that have consumed cocktails from Bali bars and beach clubs. Because of this, we will ONLY work with your safe duty-free spirits so you and we can be assured you're having a safe experience.

What alcohol should I buy? This is the fun part, and totally up to you!! We want you to purchase your favourite spirits and then let the team work their magic on creating you some custom masterpieces that you may never have had before. If you're not fussed and pretty happy with most cocktails, then the most popular spirits guests tend to purchase is; Vodka (plain or vanilla), Gin, Midori and Tequila.

Can I pay in cash on the day of the party?

No, all money much be paid and cleared prior to the party. The local staff order and purchase all the items necessary with our suppliers, so it is important your booking is confirmed with full payment prior as security. 

We want to capture photos from the party, can you arrange a photographer?

Yes, we have an amazing photographer in our team with all the latest and greatest equipment and is a huge talent! (He has captured a lot of the photos on our website)

We can arrange for a 2-hour shoot which also includes editing of the photos and all files sent to you in a dropbox file 3-5 days after the event.

I’m getting married in Bali, can you guys do the drinks?

We certainly can, but our service is not the standard bar service that you may have in mind. If you're happy with a more casual and relaxed approach then we can certainly assist for a fun night!

What happens if I need to cancel my party or change the times?
Please refer to our Terms & Conditions. When we secure a party for you, we reject other bookings, therefore bookings within 7 days can not be cancelled. We will accommodate changes wherever possible subject to availability. Due to the work that goes into planning a party and the fact we have already engaged and paid staff, no changes can be made within 49 hours of your scheduled party

My flight is delayed or cancelled, so we need to move our party?

Any changes within 48 hours prior to your party cannot be made. We DO NOT advise booking your party on the arrival day into Bali as we have seen too many external factors mean that people have missed their own party. Should your flight be delayed or cancelled and impact your party, then we can supply a receipt that you can submit to your travel insurance to be claimed.


Do you work with any caterers?
Our favourite party caterer is Island Graze which provides Bali’s best Grazing Platters and Floating Platters. If you are interested in a Grazing Platter to compliment your party, please let them know you would like to arrange a platter to have at your Cocoloco Cocktail party. Please email;


For any other catering requirements, please get in touch with the style of food you are after and we can suggest some of our favourite other caterers pending your needs.

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