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So you've booked your tropical escape to Bali, dates are set and the villa has been secured, tick!


Now imagine your own private pool cocktail party one afternoon or evening in your own villa.

Cocoloco in Bali offers the ultimate unique experience where you can experience the beach club life right in your own villa, providing cocktail masterpieces using your own Duty-Free Spirits. Drinking cocktails and spirits in countries including Indonesia can sometimes be dangerous as much of the alcohol consumed by tourists in Bali is actually locally produced spirits. By having 'you' provide the duty-free spirits, it means that you know exactly what you are drinking at all times and where the spirits have come from. It can also save you a lot of money! 

Cocoloco is no standard visit to a bar where you’ll be handed a menu and told to choose from a list. We reverse this to create a unique experience!

You tell us what spirits you’ll bring to the party and the Cocoloco Team will get creative to deliver a host of delicious drinks for you. YES....our team can also create the same experience for Mocktail drinkers!


Feel free to let us know if you have any particular flavours or fruits you really love (or even don’t love)

What is included in a Cocoloco Cocktail party?
The Cocoloco Team will customise a cocktail plan in advance for the evening based on the spirits you advise us that you have purchased and then they organise all the following:

+ Mixers
+ Fresh Tropical Fruits
+ Fruit juices
+ Cocktail Garnishes
+ Custom Cocoloco Coconut for each guest
+ Custom Cocoloco Bamboo Straw for each guest (great for the environment and a keepsake memento for you to take home).
+ Cups (if your villa does not have enough glass ones)
+ Safe Ice
+ Drinking Games (pre-determined by the Cocoloco Team)
+ Bluetooth Speaker and special Cocoloco party playlist

How long will my party go for?

The average duration of a party is 3 hours.
We host every day between;


We can offer one extra hour to the end of each party for an additional 50kIDR ($5 AUD) per person making it a 4-hour party


How much is a Cocoloco Cocktail Party?

The cost is based on a per person rate of 300k IDR ($30 AUD) per person for a 3 hour cocktail party based on a minimum of 6 guests

One Additional hour can be secured at a cost of 50k IDR ($5 AUD) extra per person

* Parties for less than 6 guests are welcomed. You will be required to pay the 6 person minimum for a party. This means you'll just have more cocktails to yourselves! 

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