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Please make sure you familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions. These are to ensure that the interests of both you and our staff are looked after at all times.


Payment is acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Once payment is made, please send a copy of payment advice to


Securing Dates

+ To secure your dates, we require payment to be made in full into the account provided so that we can make arrangements and secure staffing for your event.

+ Payment must be made in one amount, by one person, and not in multiple transactions by different guests so we can easily track the payment.

+ Minimum numbers are based on full-paying guests and do not include children 15 and under at these rates.

+ We offer a reduced rate of 100kIDR ($10AUD) per guest who would like to participate and is 15 years or under in age. Any guest who is 16 years or above is considered a standard guest.

+ For Last Minute Parties (within 3 days of the party taking place) the event must be paid via PayPal. It will incur a 3% transaction fee.

+ Events requested on a peak date, ie NYE, Christmas, Easter, etc. may be quoted with a surcharge or minimum numbers so that we can guarantee staffing due to the high demand.

+ We need at least 24 hours notice in advance to organise a party. This time frame starts once we have received a copy of your payment.

+ We do not take bookings greater than 6 months in advance from the party date.


Date + Time Changes

+ If you require a date or time change, please advise ASAP so we can try to accommodate your request which will be based on staff availability and other bookings.
+ We need at least a week’s notice for time and date changes and these are all subject to availability. If we don’t have any availability, then you will need to keep your existing date and time.
+ No time, location or guest number changes can be accommodated on the day the event is taking place.



+ We do not offer refunds for any cancellations of any of our services
+ A credit note for 12 months will be given for the full amount for cancellations greater than 14 days prior to the event.
+ Events cancelled between 7-14 days notice will be issued a credit note for 50% of the total paid that can be used within 12 months of the original booking.
+ Events cancelled with less than 7 days' notice will forfeit their payment.
+ Where you require documentation for Travel Insurance for holiday cancellation, please make contact and we can provide a full receipt.
+ Should Cocoloco due to unforeseen circumstances, have to cancel your event, you will be offered an alternative time or a full refund.

*Additional payments may be required when using a Credit Note in the case where price changes have taken place. We do not refund in the case where fewer numbers of people are present and the full credit note is offered for the re-use of one party.


Event Details

+ It is the responsibility of the booking guest to notify us of any increases in party numbers so appropriate staff numbers and provisions can be provided. If more guests are present at the time of the party than previously advised, then payment will be required prior to the party taking place before the party can start.

+ A change in numbers prior to the party may mean that your quote and per-head rate may change. You will be advised.

+ Cocoloco will not take responsibility for incorrect details being provided to us regarding the venue and guests. Please check all confirmed details are accurate. It is the responsibility of the guest to provide ALL REQUIRED information as stated in the initial email.

+ Cocoloco will not be responsible for following up on incomplete event details.

+ It is your responsibility to have permission from your villa management for Cocoloco to attend. It is vital that your villa staff are available to be contacted by our team prior to the event. If the team are asked to leave by the venue, the venue operators, Police or Banjar for whatever reason, then no refunds are applicable under any circumstance.


The Party

+ Guests are to remain respectful at all times. Should staff feel they are in a compromising, unsafe or illegal situation, they will leave the event immediately and no refunds will be issued.

+ If staff arrive at a party and guests are not present, staff will wait for 15 minutes before considering the party as cancelled. Should guests not be at the villa at the start time, but advise they are running late, then staff will stay, but the original booked party finish time will still remain. We can not offer extended time due to lateness as we have other parties running back to back.

Please do not hesitate to discuss any of the above further!

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